Jack Randall is the nom de plume of David Randall Jackson, M.D., a general and vascular surgeon who practices in Northampton, MA. 

He was born in Pawtucket, R.I., and attended Brockton High School, Harvard College, Boston University School of Medicine, and Boston University Graduate Surgical Training Program, all in Massachusetts.

A science fiction interest was engendered in him by his biochemistry professor in medical school, Dr. Isaac Asimov.

Randall has written a number of surgical publications under his real name about innovative techniques and instruments he has invented.  He has also written several short stories to be included in an upcoming collection, and musical compositions and lyrics performed in different venues including clubs and concerts.  He has sung in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas at Harvard College and during his surgical practice years in Northampton at Smith College.

His first sci-fi novel,"The Synthetic Race", was started in the 1950's, put away in busy vascular surgical years, and completed during the last few months of 2003.  It was published in May, 2004, the first novel in a trilogy.  He completed writing his second novel in the trilogy called "The Shepherds of Earth" in which his heroine, Ellen James, deals with current and ongoing problems harrassing mankind today.  This second novel in the trilogy was published in June,2006.  The third novel is called "Delivery From Terror" with the same group battling global and other forms of terrorism.  The final terror in the novel is a surprising one that decimates the heroes of the trilogy and is almost too late for the delivery of the synthetic race itself.  This novel was published in 2008.  Randall has penned recently a collection of various genre short stories, 18 in all, which he hopes to publish shortly.