5 STARS - a reader from Herndon, VA- May 23, 2004 -

A marriage of history and science fiction.

Jack Randall uses actual themes from current events, as well as historical personalities as the background for his enjoyable science fiction tale.  Set in both the past and the present, the novel introduces us to the Gnormen, a race wrestling with similar problems of pollution, disease and over-population common to our own time.  In addition, the Gnormen, through their attempts to find sustainable solutions to these issues, are eagerly trying to attain the "Holy Grail" of goals: immortality.  In need of biological building blocks to reach their goal, the Gnormen look to seed the galaxy with life in the hopes of creating beings which will prove suitable for the final transposition of biological to artificial.  Possessing the ability to traverse time, the Gnormen return to an earlier epoch in the galaxy's history and set in motion the steps to bring about what proves to be their last best hope - the human race.

Randall interposes many famous individuals whose disappearances through the years have become legend.  The role these individuals play in the unfolding story is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the novel.  The Synthetic Race is a fast and fun read for both science fiction fans as well as history buffs interested in the missing and "lost at sea" stories that have become part of our common lore.  I very much enjoyed the entire novel and would recommend it to anyone. 

5 Stars - A reader from MA - May 24, 2004 -

People of Earth, Take Heed!

This story describes aliens from another planet, called Gnormen, who have had to develop synthetic bodies to survive certain problems that the reader can recognize to be now beginning here on Earth.  These parallel problems with current day Earth and how the Gnormen have solved them and progressed much further ethically and morally are part of the attraction of the story.  Some of the famous people rescued from historical situations by the Gnormen (and thus restored to life again) are enjoyable to remember and are seemingly well researched by Randall.  The destruction of the dinosaurs and the formation of the asteroid belt in our solar system is depicted in a fascinating manner as well.

The heroine of the story is Ellen James, a history professor who spouts logic and love in her discussions with other characters in the book that make her attractive to the reader.  There are a couple of non-famous fictional characters also rescued that are quite enjoyable and bolster cohesiveness of the story.  The sex in the book is from another era and unusually pleasant to encounter.  An interesting medical explanation for the development in Gnormen of a common male functioning organ is quite unique and exhibits the author's surgical background.  It could start some urologists thinking about competing with viagra.

The Synthetic Race is written in a way that is fast reading and difficult to put down.  I believe it would make a very good movie or TV series; there are scenes that would lend themselves very well to the current use of computer technology.  I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to not only sci-fi readers but also anyone interested in the solution of current Earth problems including diseases like Aids in a very unique manner.

5 Stars - Mark S. Bouchard - April 17, 2005 -

Highly recommend!  This is a story that ropes you in; and, before you know it, you've read 50 pages and can't put the book down.  I love science fiction, and this book touches home in a way many of its readers may come to wish parts of it were really true; I know I do.  You may also find yourself looking at other people differently after reading the book, including yourself.

"The Synthetic Race" mixes elements of current events, human salvation, the innate lust for survival, and an excellent story line all in one.  In my opinion, Jack Randall tells a story that is unique not only in its ability to convey the message, but also to release your imagination so it runs freely while you read the book.  I wanted the story to go on forever.

The author's ability to control the tempo of the detailed portions as well as those traversing sections easily filled in by your mind; make this a truly enjoyable read.  This story is thoughtful, enjoyable, inspiring, positive, and bursting with enthusiasm for life.  If you are a fan of life, this is a must read.